Procedures & Benefits

Clients desirous of associating with the company and availing its services may indicate their status, legal constitution, brief information on product line, latest financial position, working results and technology level as per Performa given in Membership Form. Those planning to set up modern industrial enterprises in identified fields may furnish an outline of the business proposal to avail the services.

Enterprises registered with the company (i.e. Registered Members) will be entitled to obtain relevant information on technology options available on the industrial sectors of interest out of the broad groupings to strengthen their technology upgradation, diversification or expansion plans merely by quoting the registration number allotted to them while interacting with us. Technologies for products/ processes not available with the company can also be scouted through our trusted channels and networks.

Companies/ firms with definite business plan and identified product(s)/ technology(ies) keen to commission specific search or promote their technologies or interested in business collaboration will be required to fill up prescribed forms (tech request/ offer) which call for bare minimum information to facilitate quick search and match-making for the required technologies.

Information relating to innovations regarding products and processes, current developments, forthcoming technology transfer events, opportunities and business contacts etc. shall be made available on an ongoing basis to the members. Technology/ Products/ Services of international standards and with export potential will be promoted through special measures designed to have wide-reaching impact.